Wednesday, 25 February 2015

John Church - Lawsuit Expert Offers Basic Courtroom Etiquette Tips.

John Church, lawsuit expert practiced law for over 30 years, and was certainly no stranger to success, both within the courtroom and at the negotiations table. A reputable and well-known attorney in the tristate area, Church provided expert advice, service and representation to every client, and quickly established himself to be someone who could consistently pursue and achieve the best results possible in nearly every case he was involved in.

A knowledgeable legal professional, John Church was widely known for his courtroom savvy, as well as for his ability to maintain professional decorum at all times. Below, Church offers several simple yet integral tips for the maintenance of proper courtroom etiquette.

Professional Dress

Clients, attorneys and even witnesses, says Church, should always do their best to dress appropriately for trial. Business attire is an essential part of proper courtroom decorum.


John Church lawsuit expert can’t emphasize the need for punctuality enough, as the presiding judge, members of the jury and opposing counsel always deserve the respect inherent in showing up to court on time. Lateness is never an option, and doesn’t bode well in terms of achieving a successful outcome.

Politeness and Deference

Being polite, and showing deference to the judge at all times, is essential to an efficient trial, and demonstrates just how seriously both you and your attorney are taking the proceedings. Be polite with the judge, the opposing counsel and all courtroom staff at all times, and always be sure to rise whenever the judge and/or jury enter the courtroom.

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