Saturday, 20 June 2015

How to Behave When you are in a Courtroom

Being in a courtroom can be intimidating for some people. There are very specific laws and practices that need to be followed, and not complying with courtroom etiquette can cause problems. Here are some important tips on how you should behave in a courtroom.

·         When you enter a courtroom, and if there is a hearing in progress, you are required to be very silent. The parties for who the case is currently in hearing are entitled to have the full attention of the judge, without any distractions from those entering the courtroom. Most courtrooms are “live” and any remark you make could be digitally recorded. 

·         When you enter the courtroom, and the judge is already seated, you are required to stop and bow respectfully from the doorway before going to your seat. You should bow respectfully by a nod of your head and shoulders. Bowing too quick and shallow or low and deep is not respectful or amusing in a courtroom.

·         If you are seated in the public seating area, you are not allowed to joke, snicker, gesticulate or laugh. It is best to avoid any facial reactions at all cost while you are in the courtroom. Keep your conversation to the bare minimum and if you have to talk, go outside the courtroom and talk. 

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