Tuesday, 17 March 2015

John Church, Lawsuit Expert: Questions to Ask a Prospective Attorney

When seeking out professional legal representation, says John Church, lawsuit expert, it’s important to know the attorney’s background, specialty, experience, fees and more beforehand. No one, he says, should hire any legal professional without satisfactory answers to any number of questions, inquiries every potential client should make before retaining counsel.

An experienced and respected attorney for more than three decades, John Church, lawsuit expert knows what people should look for when seeking out legal representation. Below, Church offers a list of questions every person should ask before making the hire.

What is Your Experience?

Your case is unique, says Church, and requires the services of someone who is both knowledgeable, experienced and proven in the field most appropriate to your situation. Seek out information on the attorney’s specialty, and determine if they are adequately qualified to handle your specific case.

Will You Be the Primary on My Case

Ask the prospective attorney, says John Church lawsuit expert, if he/she will in fact be the primary professional working on your case, should they be hired. If the professional you’re talking to won’t be your primary representative, find out more about the person/people that will be doing the most work.

What Do You Charge?

Ask what the requisite fees are up front, as well as about any costs you may incur down the road. Don’t let yourself be hit by any unexpected costs along the way. Also seek out a ballpark estimate for the eventual total cost of the bill, as well as any ways costs can be reduced.

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